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Atmospheric contrasts in light and shade have been a prime inspiration for Stephen as an artist. This theme is explored using bold watercolour and oils in differing light conditions and locations around the world. The subjects, which vary from moody urban street scenes to bright coastal landscapes, stimulate emotions that he tries to recreate in his paintings.

"For me the challenge is to create a painting that makes us pause and fully immerse ourselves into the scene for a moment, and live it."

Stephen was inspired to paint whilst travelling around Australia in the 1990s and came into contact with Alvaro Castagnet, a world renowned watercolourist. He studied briefly under Castagnet and was influenced by his unorthodox, bright and passionate use of watercolour. Stephen continued to develop his technique and sold work through galleries in Australia before returning to the UK in 2000, where he now lives with his family.

Exciting light conditions and the contrasting inspirations of European cities and the south west coast of Devon & Cornwall are a current focus along with commissions of homes and families at play. Stephen’s work is in private collections in the USA, Canada, Australia, UK and Europe.

Stephen Gedney

Stephen with his daughter, Catherine


Stephen's work is available through White Sails Gallery, Dartmouth, Devon.

Stephen will be participating in Open Studios 2017 for North Hampshire and West Berkshire.


If you are interested in Stephen's work on this website, or discussing a commission, please send an email to: